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When an interested person approaches the installation's reception desk their progression through the performance is as described below:


            1· The person is greeted by the receptionist, provided with a brief three question form, given a paper gown to wear, and is directed to the waiting                      room area.


            2· Next, the patient is called for the exam. In the exam room a clinician obtains information through verbal questions, arbitrary physical                                       measurements and asked to respond to visual and cognitive tests for approximately 4-6 minutes.


                       -example tests: Wink 3 times in a row using one eye; using one hand cover your ears and tell a favorite memory.


                       -A rock in placed in the patients hand and ask to recall the memory of the last time they took a rock home.


                       -Listing to 20 second clips of songs and asked to write down the words or sounds they hear.


                       -Patients are asked to draw a map of the Great Lakes, draw and Ice Cream Cone and announce its flavor.


                       -After verbal consent: Patients are asked to participate in a smell test, first then telling a memory and then identification.


                       -While balancing a plastic bird on their finger, patients are asked to imagine balancing a basketball on their head-imrpoving and bring                                      posture to their awareness.



              -Some activities are done in front of a two-way mirror, giving the upcoming patients in the waiting room an un-tradional inside peek into the exam room.



            3· After "diagnosis" the patient is prescribed physical thearpy and givin a Rx script. The last stop for the patient is to visit the pharmacist window to                    fill their prescription, immediately receiving their "medication". 

Physical Therapy Sheet

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