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Clinic for Well Being


Kyle Bulter, Ian McCrohan, Ruby Merritt and Necole Zayatz at Hallwall's Artist & Models #25, 2014. Buffalo, NY.


Clinic for Well Being, is an installation, social performance and a functioning pseudo-clinic.  The performance allows participation from any member of the general audience.  A willing audience member will become a patient at the clinic. The interaction between the clinician and patient creates an interesting paradigm and harbors a unique individual experience.  The performance space is visually based on the traditional Western medical model, an examination room, reception desk, and pharmacy. However, the doctor patient encounter is re-imagined using approaches that are non-traditional administered by a non-traditional clinician.  The data gathered during the exam is derived from observational and experimental methods influenced in part by cognitive psychology and current and former pseudoscience methodologies. We believe that an expansive approach leads us to a greater understanding of the patient’s needs to obtain a whole state of well-being through imagination and playful thinking, that continues even after the initial experience, with conclusive verbal instructions and a physical therapy sheet. 

Necole Zayatz & Ruby Merritt

Transpouring Section 3


A performance at Forest Lawn Cemetery

Located at the Frank Llyod Wright Monument

Main St. Entrance, Section 3.

December 3, 2011 at 3:00pm. 



Perforamce Video Work Created by Afedzi Hughes. Member in a large artist collaboration. Images shown, are from Part 3: Tonawanda, NY. 

Dodge West


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