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Clinic for Well Being- a part of Hallwall's

Artist & Models Affair 25: True Defective

June 21, 2014. 9PM-1AM      151 E. Eagle St., Buffalo.

The Clinic for Well Being is an installation, social performance and a functioning clinic.  The performance will allow participation from any member of the general audience attending the Artist and Models event.  A willing audience member will become a patient at the clinic. The interaction between the clinician and patient will create an interesting paradigm and harbor a unique individual experience.  The performance space is visually based on the traditional Western medical model, an examination room, reception desk, and pharmacy. However the doctor patient encounter is re-imagined using approaches that are non-traditional administered by a non-traditional clinician.  The data gathered during the exam is derived from observational and experimental methods influenced in part by cognitive psychology and current and former pseudoscience methodologies. 



The clinicians Ruby Merritt and Necole Zayatz along with receptionist Kyle Butler, and a pharmacist –Ian McCrohan will reinvent the medical staff roles to breakdown the framework of a routine medical experience and the typical doctor patient relationship.  We believe that an expansive approach leads us to a greater understanding of the patient’s needs to obtain a whole state of well-being through imagination and playful thinking.




Dodge West

Wednesday, February 19th, 2014. 7PM $3

Premiere @ Hallwalls Contemporary Art Center

341 Delaware Ave.  Buffalo, NY 14202



Nick Butlak,  Lauren Howard, Mary Johnson, Ian McCrohan,  Lowell Merritt, 

Ruby Merritt, Brian Murchison, Jeff O’Connel, Cassandra Paul,

Robert Rossi,  Liz Rywelski, Dana Saylor, Gary Sczerbaniewicz, Necole Zayatz

Video:  Jeff O’Connell, Corrina Waxmann  Photography:  Alex Derwick, Anthony Dimezza, Jayne Hughes. Video & Sound Editing: George Afedzi-Hughes Sound Effects Assistants: David Carazollo, Ian McCrohan, Andy Krystek, Lowell Merritt, Ruby Merritt, Julia Zimmerman.

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